Metal Crafts
Tansen is famous for various kinds of handicrafts. One of them is metal craft. The most popular metal product of Tansen is a typical water jug called "Karuwa". It is made of bronze and is very popular in every Nepalese household. This is a very good souvenier for foreigners to take back their home. In Tansen, Taksar is most popular place for metal crafts. Another famous bronze product is "Aunty", a kind of jug used to keep "rakshi"  (home made alcohol).

Metalcrafts Industries in Tansen:

      1. Dhatukala Udhyog, Taksar Tole
      2. Palpali Karuwa Udhyog, Taksar Tole
      3. Pasa Hastakala, Taksar Tole
      4. Sainju Hastakala Industry, Taksar Tole


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