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Prof.Dr.Vishnu khanal
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Nepal Youth Social Forum
Premise of Bhagawati Temple, Bhagwati tole, Tansen Palpa
Date: 28 - 29 Magh 2067

Major events during NYSF:
  1. Opening session
  2. Parallel and Plenary Workshops
  3. Photos, pictures, arts and poster exhibitions
  4. Tourism promotional activities
  5. Musical program for solidarity, peace and harmony
  6. Local cultural performance
  7. Local product stalls
  8. Cartoon demonstration
  9. Information exchange program
  10. Featuring documentaries
  11. Book Fair
  12. Cultural exhibition
  13. Poetry session
  14. Public demonstrations
  15. Collecting Listener's group for different Social Campaign
  16. Rally
  17. Blood donation
  18. Fund raising campaigns
  19. Social market (NGO stalls)
  20. Others
Who will be involved?
The NYSF is a national event to raise the voice of youth on the common concern of youth and national development, so youth throughout Nepal will be the major participants of this forum. All interested youth after fulfilling the certain criteria of registration process of this forum can participate in any event of this forum. The adults can also participate in this forum as an observer. Like-minded youth and other civil society organisations can also involve in this forum as delegates of the thematic issues and they too can involve in the events of their interest and concern. Youth from different colleges and universities can also get involved in this forum
Who can be the organiser?
All the organisations interested to organise one or more events or provide other kinds of technical help will be the organiser of their own event. The details about the policy for the organisers can be received through NYSF secretariat upon request. Youth Action Nepal is the coordinating organization for this forum.
How GOs, I/NGOs, Individuals, organisations and agencies help in this effort?
NYSF is a common forum to address the issues of the different groups existing in the community and issues of local level related to social, cultural, economic and development. It is an opportunity for all interested GOs, I/NGOs, Individuals, organisations and agenciesto involve in NYSF providing their suggestions, advices, taking active participation, bringing participants from different parts of Nepal, or by organizing events. They can also help us by providing their financial, technical support and other important resources that is required to invite more and more youth participants from all over Nepal. One can be a part of NYSF in one or the many ways mentioned below:
  • Be an organiser or solidarity organisation of whole NYSF
  • Be an organiser of any kind of events suitable related to the prioritize issues
  • Be an active participant of the NYSF
  • Be a mode to disseminate information and encourage the possible stakeholders (individual, organisation or any other groups) to be a part of NYSF
  • Financial support
  • Technical support
  • Sponsor promotional materials

For detailed information:
Youth Action Nepal                                                  
Tansen, Palpa


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