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Prof.Dr.Vishnu khanal
Tansen is the place if some body visits first time ,he/she likes to come again and again.

There are various types of Nepali  foods according to ethnic groups and castes, depending on ingredients available and affordable. Indian, Chinese and Tibetan flavors and aromas can easily be detected in Nepalese meals although Nepal's cuisine maintains its own flare. Most Nepalese prefer  Dal (lentil soup), Bhat (steamed rice), Tarkari (curried vegetables) and Achhar (pickle) twice daily.

   Batuk    Jhiniya Roti
              Chukauni                             Batuk                               Jhiniya Roti                                    Hansko (Duck) Chhyola

Tansen is very famous for Hansko chhyola ( roasted or grilled spiced duck meat ), Chukauni ( Pickle of Boiled Potato and Curd ) and Batuk ( a lentil flour patty ). If you are fond of hot and spicy food, it will be a life time experience for you to have them. Jhiniya roti and Sel roti (circular shaped dish made from fermented rice) are also very popular dishes of Tansen, Palpa.
Sel Roti: It is made of rice flour with adding customized flavors. A semi liquid rice flour dough is usually prepared by adding milk, water, sugar, butter, cardamam, clove and other flavors of personal choice. The ingredients are mixed well by stirring. Once the semi liquid dough is ready, it is poured by hand on homemade shortening or oil in circular shape and cooked on low heat until it turns light brown on both sides.

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