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Prof.Dr.Vishnu khanal
Tansen is the place if some body visits first time ,he/she likes to come again and again.

Arghali village is 38 Km north from the district head quarter Tansen. Like in other villages, mountains,forests and farmlands surround this village. However, unlike other villages it is situated closer to the famous rivers Kaligandaki and Ridi. Kamal Pokhari, Ghufa, Kaligandaki River, forests and farmlands are the major natural attractions of this VDC. Rishikesh temple, Gayatri temple and Devisthan are the major cultural attractions in this VDC.
The most important characteristic and aspect of Arghali VDC is the Rishikesh temple. It is regarded as the Beneras of Nepal. That is why Juddha Shamsher Rana spent his later part of his life in this VDC. The remains of his palace still exist. This village lies at the confluence of a mountain stream called Ridi Khola and the river Kali Gandaki. The village is situated in a deep narrow valley.
This VDC has also mixed culture. Magars as an ethnic tribe also exists in this VDC. However, Newars are the main inhabitants of Ridi and near by areas. Fagun Purnima, Gaijatra and Maghe Sankranti are the main festivals tha t are observed with great rejoice and pleasure. Especially on Maghe Sankranti thousands of devotees from India and other parts of Nepal come to Arghali (Ridi) to adore Rishikesh.
On every eleventh day of the lunar months and on the occasion of the solar and lunar eclipses, pilgrims come here to have a dip into the sacred river. Arghali Village is linked with the district headquarters Tansen. A feeder road from Bartung, which extends up to Tamghas of Gulmi district is the only linking road to Siddhartha Rajmarg. The total distance to this village from the district headquarters is about 38 Km. The road linking Arghali VDC is not in a good condition.

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