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Prof.Dr.Vishnu khanal
Tansen is the place if some body visits first time ,he/she likes to come again and again.

Satyawati lake
To the south of Tansen and across the beautiful fertile valley of Madi there stands a majestic looking hill protecting the valley from the heat of the south. This hill is called Kaude Lekh. In the Kaude Lake range, near Satyawati village there is a sacred lake called 'satyawati Tal' at a height of 1400 meters. The lake has a unique feature. It is believed that the prestigious lake takes its name from Godddess satyawati. The one night festival is held in the full moon night (as per lunar calendar) in Nepali month of Kartik (Oct/Nov) at Satyawati Lake, south of Tansen. The legend says that on this night an old goddess with bad hearing will fulfill the wishes of the pilgrims who circle the lake three times and shout their hopes out to her. People take a holy bath in the lake and sacrifice animals and birds to Goddess Satyawati. When the water is sufficient in the lake some migratory birds spend a few days in this area.
There are many foot trails to reach the lake, but the main trail starts from a place by the side of the Siddhartha Rajmarg, about 30-km south from Tansen and 19 km north from Butwal. It is just two hours trek up the hill from the main road. One can also enjoy the panoramic view of the Himalayan range in the north and the vast extent of the plain in the south. Meanwhile, the trekkers can also enjoy the different types of flora and fauna. There is a small lake like formation at a little distance from the main.It is called Budhi Satyawati. It is situated on the trail from the main lake to the Satyawati village.


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