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Prof.Dr.Vishnu khanal
Tansen is the place if some body visits first time ,he/she likes to come again and again.

The then Commander in chief Khadga Shamsher, the governor of Palpa, had constructed a marvelous building on the bank of river Kaligandaki in the memory of his beloved queen Tej Kumari and established a holy place for pilgrims called Rani Ghat or Queen's confluence. The construction was started in 1950 A.D. and completed in 1954 A.D. There are altogether 25 rooms and 52 artistic windows in the building.

The 7-km trail from Tansen to Ranighat is a steady slope passing through a narrow gorge. On the way more than five hilly streams and brooks meet with Barangdi Khola before it joins with Kalighandaki. The songs of birds and challenging call of pheasants from the dense forest and rocky hills above the travelers' head give a charming feel. Barangdi Khola and tributaries provide good fishing spots in many places. After crossing the brooks and bridges and trekking rocky trails one can experience a great relief and relax at the sight of the beautiful palace in the lap of green hills, just above the blue water of Kaligandaki. It presents a very wonderful view. After looking at this grand masterpiece of architecture in such a remote area one may imagine it as a creation of super natural power

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