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Prof.Dr.Vishnu khanal
Tansen is the place if some body visits first time ,he/she likes to come again and again.


Tansen produces a good quality of  Organic Coffee, Dhaka Textile Products and Metal Products which are very popular among all the tourists who visit there.
Coffee from Tansen
Organic Coffee: The coffee produced in Tansen and its surrounding areas is an organic coffee as no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides are applied at all. As it is grown in 800 to 1500 meter above from the sea level, the quality is very high. Beans are generally medium in size. They are aromatic and tasty. Recently the coffee from Tansen and its surrounding areas is exported to various overseas countries specially to United States, Europe and Japan. Coffee is available in many shops around Tansen Bazaar.

Coffee producing cooperative/companies in Tansen:
   *Siddhakalika Coffee Products Cooperative, Archale       *Nepal Organic Coffee Products, Madanpokhara

Dhaka Textiles: A cap wore in our national dress is called 'Dhaka topi' (cap made of Dhaka cloth) and Palpali dahaka topi is the most famous and popular among Nepalese people as well as among foreigners. Shawls and 'Thaili' (a typical nepali woman purse), made of dhaka are also very famous as souveniers. There are lots of dhaka shops and small industries in Tansen.

Dhaka Industries in Tansen:

       1. Bhagawati Dhaka Kapada Udhyog, Barudkhana
      2. Chandi Dhaka Udhyog, Makhan Tole
      3. Dilip Textile, bhimsen Tole
      4. Karki Dhaka Kapada Udhyog, Dhrubaghat
      5. Karki Dhaka Udhyog, Dhrubaghat
      6. Laxmi Dhaka Kapada Udhyog, Kailash Nagar
      7. Menuka Dhaka Udhyog, Basantpur
      8. Purnima Dhaka Udhyog, Badigyan Tole
      9. Rameswor Kapada Udhyog, Bhimsen Tole
    10. Rayamajhi Textile Industries, Makhan Tole
    11. Shiva Sundar Dhaka Kapada Udhyog, Barudkhana
    12. Shree saraswati Dhaka Kapada Udhyog, silkhan Tole
    13. Shrestha Dhaka Udhyog, Bartung
    14. swadeshi Bastrakala Palpali Dhaka Udhyog, Bhimsen Tole
Metal products: A typical Nepali style water jug "Karuwa" made up of bronze is the most popular water jug in Nepalese household. An "Aunty", a typical newari jug specially used to keep "rakshi", homemade alcohol is also a very good souvenir for toursits to take back their home.

Taksar Tole is the famous place for metalcrafts where you can see their works and can do shoppng as well.

Metalcrafts Industries in Tansen:
       1. Dhatukala Udhyog, Taksar Tole
      2. Palpali Karuwa Udhyog, Taksar Tole
      3. Pasa Hastakala, Taksar Tole
      4. Sainju Hastakala Industry, Taksar Tole
Palpali Karuwa        

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