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Prof.Dr.Vishnu khanal
Tansen is the place if some body visits first time ,he/she likes to come again and again.

Getting There
 By Air
Though there is no direct flight to Tansen,  visitor who wants to avoid long vehicle ride can take a flight  from Kathmandu 
either to Bhairahawa and take a bus up to Tansen (64 km/2hours drive) or to Pokhara, from where Tansen can be reached in 3 hours drive.. Since there is no direct bus service from Bhairahawa airport to Tansen, bus has to be changed  in Butwal.

By Road
From Kathmandu (306 km)

There are lots of direct bus and van services from Gongabu Bus Park, Gongabu and Sundhara, near to Central Post Office. Buses and Vans leave Kathmandu early in the morning and in the evening. 
Or you can hire a vehicle from hotel or travel agencies. Its around 7 hours drive. (306 km) 
From Pokhara (122 km)

Only one direct Daily bus service (duration 3/4 hours) from Pokhara Bus Stop at 6.00 a.m. (please confirm the departue time). Another option is to take  Tourist coach to Sunauli and get off at Bartung junction and take a bus or jeep for the 4-km link road to Tansen.

From Chitwan (175 km)
There are two possibilities to reach Tansen. Having made your way from the National Park to Narayanghat, you can either catch the bus and vans coming from Kathmandu on its way to Tansen (duration 4 -5 hours), all vehicle arrive around noon in Narayanghat Pulchowk; or take one of the several buses to Butwal (duration 2 - 3 hours) and change there for a bus to Tansen.

From Lumbini (85 km)
There is no direct bus service from Lumbini to Tansen. Buses have to be changed in Bhairawa as well as in Butwal.
From Bardiya National Park (362 km)
There is no direct bus service from Bardiya National Park to Tansen. Buses have to be changed in Butwal.
From Butwal (38 km)
It can be easily seen that Butwal is the most important traffic junction for Palpalis to nearly all destinations. Buses leave every 40 minutes for Tansen, as do buses from Tansen to Butwal. The duration of the journey is approx. 1hour.

From Sunauli (65 km), an Indian Border
There is a daily tourist coach service from Sunauli to Pokhara. You have to get off at Bartung junction and take a bus or jeep for the 4km link road to Tansen. Several local buses leave Sunauli for Butwal, where you have to change a bus to Tansen.

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