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Prof.Dr.Vishnu khanal
Tansen is the place if some body visits first time ,he/she likes to come again and again.

Places of Interest
Shreenagar Hill: 
                 Shreenagar hill, at 1525 m high, is about an hour uphill from the town center. While climbing this hill, one can not only enjoy a breath-taking panoramic view of the Himalayas running from Dhaulagiri in the west to Ganesh Himal in the east, but also get pleasure of passing through peaceful forest, pine plantation and decidious forest with a lot of beautiful rhododendron flowers. There is a statue of Buddha at the eastern end of Shreenagar ridge. It takes about half an hour to reach this statue. Thai monks donated the Buddha statue with the monkey and elephant. It commemorates a part of Buddha's life. According to the legend, when Buddha was meditating in a jungle for roughly three months, a monkey and an elephant served him in many ways.

Tansen Durbar:
                        This former palace of the provincial governor was built by then Western Commander in Chief, Pratap Shamsher in 1983 B.S. (1927 A.D.)  in the Rana style and was government office till Maoist destroyed it on 31st January 2006. Its under reconstruction.

Sital Pati:
               Sital Pati (shady restplace), near Ason Tole, is the most popular square in Tansen. The square is named after the white octagonal shaped building, that lies in the middle of the square. The Sital Pati was built under the order of Khadga Shamsher, governor of Palpa from 1891- 1902. Khadga Shamsher, an ambitious politician, was exiled from Kathmandu after plotting against the Prime Minister.

    Baggi Dhoka:
                 Baggi Dhoka is the gate where the chariots of religious festivals have to pass through. The fine woodcarvings on the buildings on both sides of the gate represent the fine Newari craftmanship. This Baggi dhoka leads to the palace grounds.

    Bhusal Danda:
United Mission Hospital is located at Bhusal Danda.

    Taksar:Metal Workshop in Taksar
is another interesting place of the town, where for centuries the famous bronze and brass works of Tansen were produced. One can have a look at how the famous ancient articles such as Karuwa (water jug), Hukka (water pipe), Auntee (jug for Nepali brandy) etc are produced.


There are lots of pagoda style temples and budhhist shrines in Tansen city. Most popular are :
 Bhagawati Temple
Bhagawati Temple: It was rebuilt by Col. Ujir Singh Thapa, the governor of Palpa in 1815A.D. to commemorate the victory over colonial British Indian Forces. in the battle front of Butwal. The large temple was damaged by the devastating earthquake in 1935 A.D. Then it was renovated in the present size which is comparatively very small than the previous one. In the vicinity of Bhagawati Temple, there are three small temples of God Shiva, God Ganesh and Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom. In the month of August every year, a chariot procession of deities is taken out throughout the town with military honour to observe the historic bottle.
 Amar Narayan Temple:
It was built in 1807 A.D. by General Amar Singh Thapa. According to a legend, a holy spring (lake) is hidden under the three storey pagoda style God Narayan (Vishnu). temple. The erotic carvings on the wooden structures are very remarkable. The temple is surrounded by one meter wide stone wall locally known as the Great wall of Palpa. In the vicinity of the temple, there are two temples of God Shiva and Vishnu Paduka.
Amar Ganj Ganesh Temple: Before building the Amar Narayan Temple in 1807 A.D., Amar Singh Thapa had built this temple of God Ganesh. The temple bears the same style and character of Amar Narayan Tempe. The rest house of the temple that has space to shelter thousand people has been converted into a school. Within its premise, there is a temple of Bhairab called Batuk Bhairab. The mask of Bhairab which is worshipped here was snatched away by the King Mukund Sen from Kathmandu.
Siddhi Binayak Temple: The temple of God Ganesh call Siddhi Binayak is situated at the slope of Shrinagar Hill. It is said that the sculptors who came here from Kathmandu to build the temple of Amar Narayan, carved the figure of an elephant on a big stone and gave the shape of God Ganesh, whose head according to mythology was replaced by the head of an Elephant after he was beheaded by his own father Lord Shiva..
Laxmi Narayan Temple: The temple of God Narayan (Vishnu) constructed in Nepalese Pagoda style is situated in Basantpur. Three main Hindu Gods namely Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the protector) and Shiva (the destroyer) are worshipped in this temple. In the month of August/September, an annual festival is held here.
 Bhimsen Temple
Bhimsen Temple: Built in a pagoda style, the oldest temple in town is the temple of Bhimsen. According to the 'Mahabharata' Bhimsen is the strongest hero. Though he is not a god, Newars worship him like a god for the protection of their property and on business journeys. The temple lies in west of Sitalpati.
Buddhist Shrines: Ananda Bihar and Maya Chaitya Bihar are the two main Buddhist shrines in Tansen. 'Bihar' is a sacred place where Buddhist monks live and meditate.

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