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Prof.Dr.Vishnu khanal
Tansen is the place if some body visits first time ,he/she likes to come again and again.

Dhaka Textile
A  cap wore in our national dress is called "Dhaka Topi", made of Dhaka Textile and "Palpali Dhaka Topi" manufactured in Tansen, Palpa is the most famous and popular among Nepalese people. Shawls, westcoat and thaili, a typical nepali bags for women are also very popular dhaka products. These are very good souveniers for any visitors to take back their home.

Please do write to info@visittansen.com or visittansen@gmail.com if you are looking for dhaka textile in bulk.

Dhaka Industries in Tansen:

      1. Bhagawati Dhaka Kapada Udhyog, Barudkhana
      2.Chandi Dhaka Udhyog, Makhan Tole
      3.Dilip Textile, bhimsen Tole
      4. Karki Dhaka Kapada Udhyog, Dhrubaghat
      5. Karki Dhaka Udhyog, Dhrubaghat
      6. Laxmi Dhaka Kapada Udhyog, Kailash Nagar
      7. Menuka Dhaka Udhyog, Basantpur
      8. Purnima Dhaka Udhyog, Badigyan Tole
      9. Rameswor Kapada Udhyog, Bhimsen Tole
    10. Rayamajhi Textile Industries, Makhan Tole
    11. Shiva Sundar Dhaka Kapada Udhyog, Barudkhana
    12. Shree saraswati Dhaka Kapada Udhyog, silkhan Tole
    13. shrestha Dhaka Udhyog, Bartung
    14. swadeshi Bastrakala Palpali Dhaka Udhyog, Bhimsen Tole

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