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Prof.Dr.Vishnu khanal
Tansen is the place if some body visits first time ,he/she likes to come again and again.

Festival Tours

Nepal is a land of Festivals. For the Nepalese, festivals are not merely the annual spectacles, but also are a living part of their rich cultural heritage. Festivals effectively bind together the Nepalese people of diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs into one nation. Most festivals are based on Hindu or Buddhist mythology. Tansen city is also not different from other cities in terms of festivities.

As Tansen is home to a number of different ethnic groups, there is at least one fair/festival in a month.  They are celebrated according to the lunar calendar and announced according to the Nepalese months.The most famous festivals are Gaijatra, Bhagawatijatra,Ridi Mela and Satyawati Mela.

 *  2 nights/3 days Gaijatra Festival Tour 

     Day 01:      Arrival in Tansen.
                        Check in at Hotel.
                        After some rest, evening walk around  main bazzar of Tansen city.
     Day 02:      Experience whole day an unique Gaijatra Festival of Tansen.
     Day 03:      Departure from Tansen. 

*   2 nights/3 days Bhagawati Jatra Tour 

     Day 01:      Arrival in Tansen.
                        Check in at Hotel. 
                        After some rest, evening walk around main bazzar of Tansen city.
     Day 02:      Bhagawati Jatra Festival.
     Day 03:      Departure form Tansen.

 *  A week long Festival Tour in August/ September 
     -   Gaijatra Festival
     -  Ropai Jatra
     -  Shreenagar Ganesh Jatra
     -  Bagh Jatra
     -  Taksar Ganesh Jatra
     -  Bhimsen Jatra
     -  Krishnastami
     Amarnarayan Jatra
     -  Bhagawati Jatra

*   nights/3 days Ridi Mela Tour 

A three day festival, being held in January/February (15 Jan - 17 Jan 2014) at Ridi Bazaar is the     main festival of the region. During this occasion, numerous Hindu pilgrims from Nepal and India visit to Ridi and take a holy bath in the Kali Gandaki River and worship at Rishikesh Temple. During the fair, the area turns into a huge market of handicrafts and products namely woolen blankets, wooden pots bamboo products, sugarcane cakes, walnuts and more.

*   2 nights/3 days Satyawati Mela Tour 

    The one night festival is being held in the full moon night in Nepali month of Kartik ( Oct/Nov) at Satyawati Lake, South of Tansen. The legend says that on this night an old goddess with bad hearing will fulfill the wishes of the pilgrims who circle the lake three times and shout their hopes out to her. People take a holy bath in the lake and sacrifice animals and birds to Goddess Satyawati.


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