Home Stay Programme
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Experience an exciting cultural and educational adventure to beautiful Nepal with visittansen’s home stay package.
The home stay program is one of the interesting tourist programs in Nepal. It makes feel at home while being away from home at the same time giving them a good opportunity to learn about the Nepalese culture, lifestyle, language, and people. In this programme, tourists stay in Tansen city with a Nepali Family in typical newari / modern concrete houses. During this period tourists will have an opportunity to participate in local festivals and get opportunity to exchange their culture.  
Home stays can be arranged for one day to one month or more. Guests staying with a family will get Nepali food twice a day (optional) Breakfast will be served around 9 o' clock in the morning and dinner at around 8 o' clock in the evening. Guest will be able to travel to nearby towns to purchase things for daily use and can travel to other areas on longer vacation. The main objective of this tour is to enable tourist to know and learn an authentic Nepali way of living and provide them with the opportunity of sharing their culture no matter wherever the tourists are from. It is aimed at developing understanding and fraternity among the visitors of diverse origin and culture.
If you are looking for homestay , then we invite you to join in this exclusive package of Educational and cultural Tour. Please do write to info@visittansen.com / visittansen@gmail.com for more information.

What is provided in the cost of the package

Food (Optional) : The program fee covers two local meals a day - breakfast and dinner. Food will be healthy, nutritious, and locally available. We do not serve exotic foods.

Accommodation:  We offer clean, comfortable living spaces, and guest will stay either in a single or double bedded room.

Other Services:  We are always willing to support guests by answering all of the guests' questions and providing the best advice on health, culture, excursions, travel and safety.

Emergency support:  We will provide you with 1-2 mobile/telephone numbers of the representative staffs and local staffs for emergency support (these numbers are available for use at all times). Guests will also get contact details to pass along to your family before departure.  

What Programme fee does not cover
Airfare (International and Domestic), Visa and Visa extension fee, Airport taxes, Transfers, any personal expenses on food and travel. Mineral water and soft drinks, Gifts to project staffs and host family, Laundry, Telephone Immunization, Any expenses outside of the program.

Host Families
Our host families are located in Tansen city, which is 280 kilometers west from Kathmandu city. Most of the houses of host families are typical ones with basic facilities to make you experience the real lifestyle.
What you may not get
Hot showers, electricity, television, beer, hamburgers, tourists, attached toilet.
What you will get
Delicious local food and drinks, comfortable accommodation, a welcome you have never had before and the cultural experience of a lifetime.
What to Bring
- Valid passport/ travel document
- Nepalese visa (if you wish to take visa at the airport, bring US$30 cash and two passport photos.)
- Traveler's checks or/and money (US dollars are useful; ATM machines are available in a big city)
- Flight tickets
- International travel insurance card
- Clothes (easily washable and dryable; T-shirts, pants, trousers, long skirts, raincoat, jacket, etc. zippers pants are useful Underwear
- Comfortable and washable footwear
- Light sandals
- Sun-block (hat, sun block lotions)
- Sunglasses
- Toiletries (soap, shampoo, tooth brush, razor, towel, toilet paper, napkins, etc.)
- Nail clipper, cotton webs
- Torch (flashlight) & batteries
- Medical kit (plaster, personal medication, fungicidal foot powder cream, antiseptic cream, mild painkiller, tweezers, scissors, etc.)
- Sewing kit
- Hand sanitizer
- Calculator (useful for shopping)
- Camera & films
- Guidebooks/ language books
- Diary/ journal
- Books to read (optional)
- Pictures of your family and country (to show your host family)
- Gifts for your host family (optional)

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