Dining & Restaurants

There are large number of small restauants in the town, selling Nepali dishes and snacks. "Nanglo West" restuarant at Sital Pati square is one of the excellent restuarants that serves western style, Palpali, Nepali, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Hotel Srinagar provides some western meals too.

Another new restaurant has been recently opened in Basantpur. Its called Royal Inn (Tel No. 522780). It has free WIFI facility too.

Try Hansko chhyola ( roasted or grilled spiced duck meat ), Chukauni ( Pickle of Boiled Potato and Curd ), Jhiniya roti, Sel Roti and Batuk ( a lentil flour patty ), if you like hot and spicy food. They are Tansen's special cuisine.